Mounting Instructions & Product Care


These prints are durable and will work both indoors and outdoors, BUT their surfaces are sensitive to the touch of a sharp/abrasive object and can scratch if not handled properly. To avoid this….

  • Do not stack these prints on top of one another unless there is a protective layer (bubble wrap, towel, etc.) between them.
  • These prints come standard with a thin protective laminate on them, on occasion you may see a tiny air bubble on the surface of your print. If you experience this, it can be smoothed out by pressing down with the tip of your finger.

Installation is rather simple, but here is a visual to illustrate the process…

  • When screwing on the cap of the standoff, be certain that your fingernails do not scrape against the print while inserting and turning the screw, they can scratch the print.
  • “Standoff” mounts are a great way to affix your prints to a wall while creating a visually appealing space between wall and artwork… providing a “pop” to emphasize the vividness of the piece.

*** If the screw is going into a stud or wood of any type, you do not need to use the plastic drywall anchor in order to screw the barrel into the wall; the screw will suffice and provide the support needed to hold the print on the wall ***

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